New Country

In an attempt to catch up with current day, I’ll try and post a little more often for a while. That said, enjoy.

It took about a week before all my luggage came from Heathrow Airport, and other than having some very visible signs of having been through security screening (see pictures), everything was there, and nothing was damaged.

As you can see, the TSA took a special interest in my box of writing utensils.

Got to hand it to them though, they taped it up well.

It was a little humorous to both Karin and me though, that they took the extra time to look at my pens and pencils, but 8 or 9 knives up to 7 in in size showed no signs of having been moved.

Even though my beautiful Karin had to work the day after I arrived, I still have a vague recollection of what it was like to wake up with her, …even if I fell asleep again immediately after. In many ways I felt like I was back home, but in many ways I also felt a lot more “alien” than I had on my previous travels to the US.
The “homeliness” can most certainly be accredited my wife, I always feel more like myself when she’s around, the feeling of being an outsider though was new to me. I usually blend in quite easily in new environments, I adapt quickly and rarely feel out of place (except at parties, but that’s another story entirely), but the grandness of permanently moving to a different country began to dawn on me I suppose. I didn’t have all that much time to contemplate upon it, with Christmas coming up and New Years and our Marriage shortly after that, but I did feel “different”, as if my position of an observer had suddenly turned into an “immerser”.

To explain that a little further; thought I’ve never had any difficulties making myself comfortable in unknown environments, I’ve always felt like an observer, like I’m standing outside society, looking in, this time though, this were to be my society, and though I still make my observations, sometimes commenting on them quite loudly, I feel like I’m observing from a different vantage point. Where I used to comment on American Society, I now comment and want to do something, because it’s my society too.

It didn’t take too long before I fell back into the comfort of my new surrounding though, new vantage point and all. Christmas was spent quietly at home, just the two of us, and New Years was spent with friends, though at this point, I’d started to get a little sick, which is practically a tradition at this point, seeing as I’ve had throat infections every singly time I’ve been to the US.

With the new year came new experiences and on January 6th, 2011, I was married to my beautiful bride. It was a wonderfully sunny day, which we spent with the family and friends who wanted to come and could make it.

Giving our vows

Shortly after being pronounced husband and wife.

Outside the courthouse.

After the ceremony, we all went to Al Biernat’s, a Dallas fine dining location, where, to my surprise, they’d secured us a private room. We were wined and dined and pampered, complimentary desserts to the bride and groom was also on Al and his waiters’ agenda. You might’ve caught on to it, but I love this place. If you ever find yourself in Dallas with some money to blow and a craving for great food and fantastic service, look no further.

Now being married, we were finally ready to begin the final step in the process of making me a legal permanent resident, sending in the dreaded I-485, Adjustment of Status application.

Though the process took close to two months, I have to say it’s far more straight forward than I originally thought. Once you get past the sometimes complicated language and make sure you have all the latest documents it’s most of all a matter of gathering copious amounts of supporting information. The application was finally sent in, in early March, well before the deadline, and I’m happy to announce that on May 12th I was granted residency, much faster than anticipated.

Between January and present day though, we went on several trips, “exploring” the country (well, TX and CO), which will be the topic in my next post.

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