A man, a car and it’s travels

In my previous post, I mentioned that Karin and I have been on some road trips since I got here. I figured part of that story would be the story of how we (well, I) bought a new car.

I’d been looking for a new car since well before I actually traveled to the US, the reason being that Karins’ car was an old, tired Escort that was falling to pieces, and more importantly, we couldn’t get it inspected, so anytime we drove it, we had to be on the lookout for the Police, and be prepared to attempt to evade them. So when I got to the US, I seriously got to work tracking down a vehicle for us.

One might think this would be an easy task in TX of all places, but do not underestimate my ability to complicate a task that should be straight forward.
For one, I was varying my budget between $10.000 and $23.000, which of course meant that the the market I was looking in was quite substantial, however, I wanted a car with a manual transmission, and anyone familiar with Texans will know that this drastically reduces the number of potential cars to pick from, when you weed out pick-up trucks too, you’re not left with much.

A couple of months, several trips to many a dealership, barely missing out on a perfect BMW and countless hours spent online later, and this perky little gent was parked in our parking lot.

Our 2006, Subaru Impreza

A gently used 2006 Subaru Impreza 2,5i.
It took the better part of a month to negotiate the deal I wanted, as I suspect the dealership had paid a little to much for it, when they traded it in. Eventually though (with the help of some really nasty ice storms) they accepted my offer and sold the car for a $750 loss.

The car, which we both like, does indeed have a manual transmission. It’s also a relatively low mileage one, with the mileage in the lower half of the 40k miles range when we got it. Overall, I think we got a reasonable deal on it.

So, now that we had reliable transportation, it was time to put it to good use, and first up was San Antonio!

I’ve never been to San Antonio before, and it had been a while since Karin had visited too, so on a whim, we found a cheap hotel and drove down.
We stayed for one night, and had a very good time, but it has to be said, San Antonio is a total tourist trap! The Alamo was nothing like what I had thought, and it was packed with people, even though we weren’t there during tourist season, and the Riverwalk, though nice, also had that quintessential “touristness” about it (you didn’t get the feeling the locals would go there terribly often, other than maybe to eat). Boudro’s, a restaurant on the Riverwalk proved to be a good place to stop for lunch though, and I recommend the guacamole to everyone and anyone who ever visit.

Other memorable situations was eating at a very authentic Mexican place, I ended up eating Goat, which… though interesting, I might not do again in the near future. On the day we were leaving we also took some time to look around the area our hotel was in, it was pretty run down, and Karin got a few good shots, I left with this one.

San Antonio

My favorite part of San Antonio was probably going to the missions. Not even close to as many people as we saw the day before at the Alamo, which gave us more time to actually take it in.

The Missions

On the way home we stopped at a somewhat randomly picked restaurant in Austin, to get some dinner (off a random tip on City Data), and my god was that a good idea! Easily one of the better meals I’ve ever had, and the atmosphere was great, and as soon as I remember the name of the place and find some photos, I’ll make sure to update this post! So long.

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