Writing, why do we do it again?

So, I know I promised this post would be about Karins and my wedding. however, in addition to being lazy, evident by the complete lack of regular updates to this blog, I’m also a filthy liar. That being said, it’s time for some truth, hidden truth.

I’ve always wanted to write.

Why, you ask? I don’t know, I have absolutely no idea idea, it’s just always been there, this unfulfilled desire to write something, preferably something good. And therein lies the problem doesn’t it? Lets face it, as mediocre as this blog is, I’m not exactly the next William Shakespeare am I, or Elmore Leonard for that matter. I think my main problem, outside of not knowing how to write, is that I have absolutely no idea what to write about.
I might be glorifying the life of authors a little here but Hemingway killed lions and shot himself, Hunter S. Thompson smuggled drugs, lived with indigenous tribes and had his ashes shot out of a cannon (!), read Brautigan and you’re left wondering how he came up with his stories without some serious acid. (Arguably, I have no idea whether or not he actually was on acid or not when he wrote his stories, but they’re pretty spectacular nonetheless.) Compared with that I got nothing, it’s hard to write anything of significant quality when what you have to work with is being scared of snow as a child, because you couldn’t breathe once when someone showed your head into it and that you always had an unsubstantiated fear of your father dying (in the now famous words of my wife: “Look how that worked out”).

I suppose I could write about my fear of parental death, or snow for that matter, but I honestly have no idea how. How do I go about that, or any other topic? How could anyone, besides a complete genius (which excludes me, despite popular belief) write about anything without it having been done better in the past?

It’s not that I haven’t tried, I have, there’s some ideas for movies or books scribbled down here and there, but except for one plot synopsis that’s eerily similar to the movie Dead Snow (Google it), it’s mostly crap. Which leaves me with this blog I suppose, and it’s 4 or 5 trusted readers and the occasional stranger stopping in (thanks by the way, feel free to stay). I realize that my thoughts and… writings are merely one of millions on this wast electronic wasteland, and that it’s of absolutely no significance, but it is, if nothing else, a way for me to try, to attempt this thing called writing, as bad as it might be.

Oh, and there might still be a movie or two I plan on writing… sometime. 😉

Next time on a Norwegians discovery of America, a wedding, I promise!

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1 Response to Writing, why do we do it again?

  1. Gry Nielsen says:

    …wast electronic wasteland…I like it – good phrase! Can also be read as a reference to the more great and famous literature…

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